5 Ways for Improving Your Written English

Many students struggle with writing in English, and it seems like a real challenge from them to improve. Poor writing skills and vocabulary also affects their grades and academic performance. To avoid this, they take professional help from write my essay services to get their assignments done efficiently and within a given deadline.

However, following some simple steps can help you improve your English and impress people with your writing skills.

1.   Increase your Vocabulary

Expanding your vocabulary is the foremost point for improving your English writing skills. It not only includes recognizing a lot of words, but it means to be able to use them correctly in sentences.

2.   Learn Spellings

Along with identifying new words, you must know how to spell those words correctly. Incorrect spellings may change the meaning of the sentence that becomes difficult for the readers to understand what you have written. Improve your spellings by practicing with flashcards.

3.   Read Regularly

Reading is the best way to learn writing. It is essential to read the same text many times for getting an idea of using different writing styles and words appropriately. However, learning shouldn’t be a boring task; therefore, choose books or topics that may interest you.

4.   Improve the Grammar

Grammar is essential to improve the quality of writing. Therefore, a writer should learn basic grammar skills, tenses, and punctuation to write more clearly.

5.   Proof Reading

It is vital for proof-reading your writing twice. Firstly, identify the general mistakes while looking for grammar mistakes for the second time.

6.   Begin with it

Despite all the methods mentioned above to improve your written English, the most appropriate way is to actually take a pen and paper and start writing. Be prepared to write several versions of the same texts because the first draft is never perfect, even for professional writers.

Remember, practice always makes a man perfect!

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How to Decide the Perfect Essay Topic?

Writing an essay comes with a number of difficulties and complications – one of them is the essay topic. If the teacher assigns the topic, you still aren’t satisfied because it either doesn’t fit your interests, or you find it too complex to write on. When you have the opportunity of finding a topic yourself and crafting your essay on it, you’re still in a tough spot. You’re out of ideas; you can’t decide which topic to go with, the list goes on.\

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If you have the chance to write on your desired topic, these are some useful tips to help you decide:

·         Brainstorm your interests. When writing an essay, it is essential that you are writing on an idea that you find interesting. It will not only make it easier to research and write, but also make the entire process fun.

·         Keep your subject in mind. It is important that your topic is relevant to the subject that you are writing for. When writing a history paper, you obviously can’t go with a science related topic.

·         Narrow your focus. Don’t look for an idea that is too generalized, or difficult for you to address in a single essay. Just focus on one aspect of it and describe it in detail.

·         If you are unable to come up with a new and unique idea, you can write on an existing topic. What you can do is, customize and change it according to your needs and requirements.

·         Consider the audience. You must also consider the audience who you’re writing for. Go with something they would want to read about.

Once you have decided the perfect topic for your essay, the next step is to carry out research and crafting the essay. If you don’t have the time or don’t possess good writing skills, it’s better to seek professional assistance rather than risking your grades. Look for a reliable essay writing service and get interesting and engaging content without any hassle.